Excavation and Grading

It’s what’s underneath that counts.

excavating-gradingCentral Park Paving is the Durham Region’s most trusted heavy excavation and grading company because we understand that any paving job is only as good as the groundwork that’s underneath. The exceptional quality and durability of our paving work simply wouldn’t be possible without our emphasis on properly prepared surfaces..

Thanks to our over 40 years in the paving industry, our skilled team is able to build the bases necessary for an attractive, durable paved surface by excavating to the proper depth and backfilling with the highest quality granular. Additionally, we use laser levels during grading to create the proper slopes for positive drainage, ensuring that your parking lot or driveway will last longer, with less maintenance.

Our excavation and grading services include:

  • Topsoil Stripping and Grading
  • Brush Removal, Tree Clearing, and Grubbing
  • Municipal and Residential Water Main Installation, Both PVC and Ductile
  • Residential Water Main Service Connections
  • Fire Main and Hydrant Service Installation
  • Storm Sewer Pipe Installation
  • Storm Sewer Maintenance Hole and Catch Basin Installation
  • Sanitary Sewer Pipe Installation
  • Sanitary Maintenance Holes
  • Excavation for Industrial, Commercial, and Residential Basements
  • Backfill of Footings and Foundations
  • Parking and Roadway Excavation
  • Parking and Roadway Granular Placement and Packing
  • Fine Grading for Asphalt Placement on Grades up to 0.5%