Functional roads are essential to any subdivision, municipality, or industrial complex.

roadworkUnfortunately, poorly installed and maintained roadways are all too common due to shoddy materials, poor planning, and job-site staff who lack the necessary skills and experience. These poorly executed paving jobs result in roadways that deteriorate prematurely, causing potholes, cracks, and changes in elevation. These blemishes are more than just eyesores. They can create hazardous conditions for the motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians that use them.

Thanks to our Central Park Paving’s decades of experience in the paving industry, we’re the Durham Region’s best choice for attractive, durable, and functional roadwork. From grading and backfilling all the way to finishing and painting, we’ve got the knowledge, experience, and state of the art equipment and materials needed to provide our customers with the area’s highest quality roadway installations and repairs, regardless how large or small the project is.

Our experienced staff will work with you to ensure that your roadway designed for ideal traffic flow, water drainage, and aesthetics.

At Central Park Paving, we have such faith in our work that we guarantee every project for a full year after completion, and we’ll work with you for years to come to keep your roadway maintained at minimal cost to you.