Work Process


  • Old driveways are removed of all existing asphalt and debris.
  • The base is then inspected and any weak areas found are removed.
  • 3/4″ Virgin crushed granular is then Added to strengthen the existing base.
  • Once final grading is complete, the driveway is rolled with heavy rollers to compact the base
  • All driveways are then left to settle for 4-8 week period to ensure proper strength and compaction.The driveway can then be paved using our asphalt spreader to maintain proper thickness and a professional finish. All customers have a choice of HL3 type asphalt a coarser mix, or HL3A a finer mix. Both mixes are non-recycled and high in stability
  • The asphalt is then rolled several times with heavy rollers until 100% compaction is achieved